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It would be safe to say that one’s dining room decor is often overlooked after the first time you move into your new home because of the larger scheme of things. We feel that there are more essential spaces to fill like our bed room, our bath room, etc to keep the home functioning. If you too have a dining room that sits empty most of the time, maybe it is time to renovate things a little bit. 

Here are 5 simple modern dining room decor ideas to inspire you and create a room where you and your family want to dine in together.

 Dining Table Set

Your dining set should be the focal point of the interior design. When choosing the dining set, you should keep in mind your apartment size; for instance. if you have a small dining space, it is best to choose a round shape table. Complement with low height chairs to make the room feel taller and bigger. Also to protect your tile working, you can add a rug below the dining set. This will prevent scratches when you pull up the dining chairs and create a cozy vibe.



Lighting of any room is important to create the perfect apartment décor. One of the simple modern dining room ideas is to install lighting in the form of lamps right above the dining table. For any inspiration that you might need. If you have a window in your dining apartment features then take advantage of natural light during daytime. Use light-coloured curtains to make the dining room feel brighter. You can select from our wide range of beautiful curtains that will make any space look elegant.

Feature Wall

Another great modern dining room decorating idea is to have a feature wall. You can paint the wall opposite to your dining table set in a different tone than the rest of the room. You can also hang a large wall painting or small frames of different shapes and sizes to spruce up your dining room decor. You can find a few pieces of magnificent wall art here:



Show off a collection

If you own a small apartment it is best to have a minimalist dining room decor, but with a spacious luxury apartment feel free to showcase crockery collection on a single shelf or glass cabinetry. When choosing dining sets, choose the ones that are more traditional in nature to spruce up your dining style. Our Traditional Dine Box makes for an adorable set of ideas.

 Add a touch of greenery

Most of times apartment owners leave out greenery in dining room decor. But interior designer experts recommend a touch of greenery or floral arrangement which can greatly elevate your apartment.You can add a quirky piece to hold the plants in order to elevate your dining room. Something like our Isaaka The Squirrel Pulling Flower Bicycle decor item will surely invite a lot of warmth in the area.

Hopefully, with these fine dining room decorating ideas you can create a stunning modern family dinner space where you would actually want to sit down and eat. For more decor inspiration, follow us on  Facebook .

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It’s almost here — there’s a slight nip in the air, lights everywhere and lots of plans being made. Diwali is almost upon us and it is time to revamp and renovate your home to welcome the festivities. Making you happy, spreading cheer and sharing home decor ideas will be the perfect way to connect with you all.

If you’d like to add a little extra to your regular Diwali decorating with diyas and candles, add a colourful twist to the mix. Instead of only using wax candles to oomph the festivities, use our Isaaka  The Squirrel Pulling Flower Bicycle to add more freshness and more colours to your spaces.

Use lamps designed in interesting shapes and watch the lights and the shadows do their magic. String our Isaaka Aura Cones Festivals Decor Lamp for a fascinating effect.

Diwali is all about togetherness, celebration and tons of yummy festive food. Create a lovely dinner tablescape and add warmth to the table by shopping from our colourful dining and linens collection.

Welcome guests to your home by arranging your rooms with bedsheets that are luxurious in style and fun in prints to give them a warm feeling as they step inside your space.

We hope these Diwali decor ideas will help you make the most of Diwali and enjoy the week ahead. We wish you have an amazing Diwali where you celebrate happiness, cheer and having the most delicious food, with bucketloads of good luck to last you till forever. For more festive inspiration, and to get updates on what we are upto, follow us on: .

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Wouldn’t it be rejuvenating to immerse yourself in a spa setting every day? The good news is that your bathroom can turn into the same kind of a personal day where you can unwind, detox and de-stress just like any other spa.

Whether you are the kind of person who would want to splurge on a full remodel or the kind that would like to start with a few small changes, follow these ideas to turn your bathroom into your personal oasis.

Stick to minimal design elements  

In order to transfer your bathroom you must keep in mind the aesthetics of minimalism when it comes to each part of decor. You can set the atmosphere by using a light colour scheme, hanging simple decor items and hiding your toiletries. The great news is that this month’s Elite Box offers you all this and much more — our contour mats in beige will offer your bath space a light colour, tea-light diffuser will add to the decor, and the jute box will help you place your toiletries in a systematic manner.

Turn your bathing into a pampering experience 

Whether you choose to start your day with a hot shower or end it with a bubble bath, your cleansing time should also be a relaxing one. That happens when you add small doses of luxury into your bathroom, for example: when you invest in a towel set as luxurious as the one that comes in our bath box.

Add soft fabric rugs 

We all know that re-doing your entire bathroom floor is a commitment not everyone is comfortable with. A much cheaper alternate to that is adding soft rugs on the floor to elevate the spa-like experience. This bath mat will be a perfect option for the same: 

Add a personal touch of luxury

To make your bathroom your own personal hideaway, stock up on these spa essentials: bathtub tray, tea-lights, high-quality essential oils, and fresh/dried fragrant flowers. These additions are sure to reduce your stress levels every time you enter your personal heaven. And the fact that these essentials are a part of our Elite Box this month, makes our heart beam with joy.

So while you cannot live in a spa every day, you certainly can make a few changes in the comfort of your home to get the same calm and relaxing feeling. Following the above mentioned steps will convert your bathroom into your hidden sanctuary.

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Relax and think for a moment: isn’t your bathroom a place where you have the sincerest of ideas and a place where your dreams are designed? That small space in your home is the place where the biggest of the dreams are conceived. And that space deserves to get accessorised with all things fancy.

Designing your dream bathroom calls for careful space planning, considering your needs and a sophisticate mix of materials, textures and proper lighting. That is why we are here to give you expert tips for making your dream a reality.

1.Think function first: A bathroom, like the kitchen, is the hardest-working spaces at home. If it is not functional due to whatever reasons, then every family member suffers. Keep all of its functions in mind before choosing the right decor pieces for the same. For instance, the bathroom is a workstation for preparing for the day so plenty of storage and access to outlets is key.

2. Make it relaxing: But the best bathrooms are not all about functionality, they are also a sanctuary — a spa-like space where you relax after a long and tiring day. Add candles and soft luxurious range of towels to make your experience more peaceful and to wash off the cares of the day.

3. Plan for little luxuries: Consider what other functions you might want to incorporate in your powder room — perhaps you’d like a seat in your shower area, a steam room or maybe just a touch of tea light diffuser with oil will do the trick.

4. Know your surfaces: When selecting products for the bath such as tiles or marble, be sure that you know the inherent qualities and the drawbacks of each material. Post which, an addition of a bathmat and contour set will give the perfect highlight to your exotic little space.

5. Add a touch of Mother Nature: Don’t forget to incorporate plants and greenery in the bathroom. The asymmetric nature of growing things will help offset the bathroom’s many right angles and straight lines. If you are not a fan of the fresh, then fragrant dried flowers with essence oil will be the right fit for you.

If all of the above factors reflect your favourite style, then we are more than happy to introduce to you our September’s Elite Box that comes with bathroom decor pieces that are both edgy and classy. You get a bathmat and colour set, towel set,  handmade jute basket, regrant dry flowers with essence oil, and a tea light diffuser.

All of them at only Rs.1499 because we understand that while your dreams maybe soaring high but the cost of their support system should not.

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The Perfect Bedding

While we love the challenge of redecorating an entire room, sometimes the most fun comes from focused moments in interior design.

Like, let’s say building a whole new bedding collection. Scrapping everything and diving into a fresh start with new sheets, duvets, pillows and throws — will make any decor enthusiast’s day. The process of selecting everything can make you obsess over good bedding.

In our opinion, investing in high quality linens, especially sheets, is such a lovely luxury. Here’s how to make the most of it:

1. Invest in high quality sheets in neutral and abstract prints that have a nice trim detail.
2. Invest in two duvets to swap between. If you prefer a plain one, then go with linen or something that has a nice texture. If you are not afraid of print, then make sure you have set a colour scheme for yourself so that you can swap between different sheets, quilt, etc.
3. Now that you have got the basics, it’s time to have a little fun. Add lots of extra pillows to accentuate the sheet collection to add print and pattern, like this Signeer Buttons Pale Turquoise Bedsheet set. 
4. For the finishing touch, throw a quilt into the mix to add a little more pattern to the foot of the bed.

Get inspired, but have a plan

If you love the idea of creating a mood board for you room, then choosing the right bedding will be easy. A mood board can be created using your favourite colour swatches literally attached to a board, or you can use Pinterest to draw inspiration. Once you have a clear mood board then you’ll have a clear vision of the bedding colour to shop for.

If you are more of an instant-gratification sort of a decorator, then you would still want to have a colour scheme in mind for your bedroom before shopping for the final product. This will save you from returning or exchanging bedding that looked right in the store but failed to match the aesthetics of your bedroom.

To avoid this kind of a chaos, we have a full-proof plan for you. The Home Talk makes it easy for you to choose from our wide range of beautiful room decor items by simply taking our style quiz. You share what does your space look like – both in terms of colour and style – and we make sure to deliver products that match the same. So, hop on The Home Talk train and go crazy shopping our elegant pieces for your bedroom.

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