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4 Super Cozy Ways to Keep You Warm This Winter

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Designer AC Quilts – Trendy way to stay warm when your room has a traditional setting, you can opt for these AC quilts double bed with abstract designs and/or cartoon printed design like this one:  for your child’s room. The patterns and colour combinations of these AC quilts really compliment your bedroom. You can pick a colour based on the walls of your room. If you have dark coloured walls, go for a pastel coloured quilt and vice versa.

Plain AC Blankets – For a contemporary look If your room has a modern feel, you can choose a plain AC blanket. These AC blankets are made of high quality polyester fabric which keeps you warm even on the coldest day of December. Also, you can choose a colour based on your preference or the colour of your walls.

We at The Home Talk leave no stone unturned to provide you with as many colour options as you’d like.

Dohar Blankets — On less colder nights A Dohar blanket is basically a summer blanket which comprises of three layers made of finest cotton. The fabric is really soft and comfortable. You can use a Dohar blanket on less colder nights of the winter. There is a whole new range of Dohar blankets with distinct prints. You can choose your print/style based on the colours in your room.

Comforters — The name says it all These comforters are simply comfortable and ensure a good night sleep. Another interesting element of these comforters is that the colour combinations enhance the look of your bedroom, give it a funky appeal and make for great home decor ideas for bedroom.



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