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Let’s Paint The Town Red

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Red, the colour of passion, the colour for the bold. This summer, let your home make a strong statement by adorning it with the following specially curated list of home decor products from The Home Talk.

#1. Duvets are the symbol of classic, timeless and oh-so-chic. On top of that if you add a fiery spin of red to them they can become a statement to express your style. Shop the All Season Reversible Double Satin Stripes Duvet from The Home Talk.

 #2. If going all out is not your style, then this set of red and cream curtains is the perfect option for you to shake things up without being extreme.

#3. A dash of red is the perfect way to add a whimsical charm to your living room decor. This 3D Shaggy Carpet in red will be quite an upgrade from the otherwise dull and pastel tones.

 #4. Add an Oriental touch with this set of red-coloured candles from our website. And guess what? They also smell of strawberry! Isn’t that just the perfect way to spice things up this season?


So what are you waiting for? Get set to paint the town red with The Home Talk.



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