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These Ideas Will Make Your Ceiling Look Fancy

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Ceilings usually called the fifth wall deserve so much more than just getting painted. They have become an important part of interior decor, don’t you think?

The design ideas of a ceiling range from false ceiling to an intricate jali design and all of them can really jazz up the living space. This is the reason why they should not be ignored. We have a list of a few ideas that will make your ceiling design from nay to yay.

Let the lights do the talking

Cove lights are such a rage today as they offer such an alluring charm to any place they are added to. Place the lights in a pattern that complements the rest of the room and you could achieve a hotel-style ceiling design. Our only advice is not to over do them.

Geometric is the way to go

Go bold and create some magic with geometry on the ceiling. This design is for the bold and for the quirky. For this ceiling design idea, you’ll need to ask your designer to give you suspended panels and incorporate cove lights in the gaps.

Intricate lattice or jali design

The quickest way to give an ethnic spin to any space is by installing an intricate jali or lattice. Now, we’re all familiar with their use as dividers. But did you know they are great for demarcating spaces as a decorative element on the ceiling as well?

What are you waiting for? Go, incorporate this new-found knowledge to your living room.

The Wonders of wood

Wood can be a wonderful addition to the ceiling of any room. It allows the space to feel warm and cozy. Especially for areas that are usually cold, this wooden element adds the perfect rugged touch. Closely set wooden slats can be used to make a statement in a neutral room, while darker tones of wood can make for a modern update.

These are just a few of the many ideas that you can use to decorate that fifth wall in your room. Whatever you do, make sure you do not overlook this often-ignored wall that can make or break you interiors sometimes.

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