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These Spa-like bathroom decor ideas will relax you

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Wouldn’t it be rejuvenating to immerse yourself in a spa setting every day? The good news is that your bathroom can turn into the same kind of a personal day where you can unwind, detox and de-stress just like any other spa.

Whether you are the kind of person who would want to splurge on a full remodel or the kind that would like to start with a few small changes, follow these ideas to turn your bathroom into your personal oasis.

Stick to minimal design elements  

In order to transfer your bathroom you must keep in mind the aesthetics of minimalism when it comes to each part of decor. You can set the atmosphere by using a light colour scheme, hanging simple decor items and hiding your toiletries. The great news is that this month’s Elite Box offers you all this and much more — our contour mats in beige will offer your bath space a light colour, tea-light diffuser will add to the decor, and the jute box will help you place your toiletries in a systematic manner.

Turn your bathing into a pampering experience 

Whether you choose to start your day with a hot shower or end it with a bubble bath, your cleansing time should also be a relaxing one. That happens when you add small doses of luxury into your bathroom, for example: when you invest in a towel set as luxurious as the one that comes in our bath box.

Add soft fabric rugs 

We all know that re-doing your entire bathroom floor is a commitment not everyone is comfortable with. A much cheaper alternate to that is adding soft rugs on the floor to elevate the spa-like experience. This bath mat will be a perfect option for the same: 

Add a personal touch of luxury

To make your bathroom your own personal hideaway, stock up on these spa essentials: bathtub tray, tea-lights, high-quality essential oils, and fresh/dried fragrant flowers. These additions are sure to reduce your stress levels every time you enter your personal heaven. And the fact that these essentials are a part of our Elite Box this month, makes our heart beam with joy.

So while you cannot live in a spa every day, you certainly can make a few changes in the comfort of your home to get the same calm and relaxing feeling. Following the above mentioned steps will convert your bathroom into your hidden sanctuary.



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