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The Perfect Bedding

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The Perfect Bedding

While we love the challenge of redecorating an entire room, sometimes the most fun comes from focused moments in interior design.

Like, let’s say building a whole new bedding collection. Scrapping everything and diving into a fresh start with new sheets, duvets, pillows and throws — will make any decor enthusiast’s day. The process of selecting everything can make you obsess over good bedding.

In our opinion, investing in high quality linens, especially sheets, is such a lovely luxury. Here’s how to make the most of it:

1. Invest in high quality sheets in neutral and abstract prints that have a nice trim detail.
2. Invest in two duvets to swap between. If you prefer a plain one, then go with linen or something that has a nice texture. If you are not afraid of print, then make sure you have set a colour scheme for yourself so that you can swap between different sheets, quilt, etc.
3. Now that you have got the basics, it’s time to have a little fun. Add lots of extra pillows to accentuate the sheet collection to add print and pattern, like this Signeer Buttons Pale Turquoise Bedsheet set. 
4. For the finishing touch, throw a quilt into the mix to add a little more pattern to the foot of the bed.

Get inspired, but have a plan

If you love the idea of creating a mood board for you room, then choosing the right bedding will be easy. A mood board can be created using your favourite colour swatches literally attached to a board, or you can use Pinterest to draw inspiration. Once you have a clear mood board then you’ll have a clear vision of the bedding colour to shop for.

If you are more of an instant-gratification sort of a decorator, then you would still want to have a colour scheme in mind for your bedroom before shopping for the final product. This will save you from returning or exchanging bedding that looked right in the store but failed to match the aesthetics of your bedroom.

To avoid this kind of a chaos, we have a full-proof plan for you. The Home Talk makes it easy for you to choose from our wide range of beautiful room decor items by simply taking our style quiz. You share what does your space look like – both in terms of colour and style – and we make sure to deliver products that match the same. So, hop on The Home Talk train and go crazy shopping our elegant pieces for your bedroom.



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