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Neutrals offer the perfect blend of modern and classy and they are not just about white or grey, but also include beige, black and taupe. While the general opinion is that neutral room colours can be dull and drab, they can be grand if done right. Take a look at this collection for ideas and tips. We are sure that your idea about a neutral room setting will change.

 Neutral Room #1

What we love: The fact that they have used patterns to enliven the space along with neutral tones. The dark wooden palette is blending well too.

A perfect way to play with neutrals is to add patterns. They add an interesting element to an otherwise sober room, making the room look chic and welcoming. If you are looking for an option that not only looks attractive but also solves the purpose of storing, then The Home Talk’s 3D Wooden Shelf  is the chicest option.

Neutral Room #2

What we love : The airy feel of the room and the wooden floor is breaking the monotony.

Pair it with wooden tones for the perfect contrast. The main reason why people prefer neutrals is because they act as a perfect backdrop to highlight accents or any kind of furniture they pick. Talking about contrast, you will love our Wooden Wall Shelves in monotone.

Neutral Room #3

What we love : The warm hues not only amplify the aesthetics of the room but also make you feel welcome.

Large rooms with high ceilings provide a vast scope to play with neutrals. Play with different textures and pops of colour to keep the vibe stylish. A carpet like this Floral Carpet will be a perfect option.

Neutral Room #4

What we love : The soft textures in the room make the neutral tones all the more classier.

Along with neutrals, it pays off to have smooth edges in furniture. Along with the soothing hues, the soft textures can make the room look graceful.

Neutral Room #5

What we love :  The quirky light fixture is bringing the room together. Neutrals don’t necessarily imply formal and sophisticated, they can be fun and lively too. Add quirky elements like contemporary lights to lift up the mood in the setting.

A set of Premium Glass Diffusers will blend perfectly with those warn neutral tones.

Now that you have ideas on how to infuse neutrals at home, why don’t you check out our website for more collections?



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