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Decorating Kids’ Room? 6 Ideas They Will Love

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Having to design a room for someone is always a challenge, but designing a room for your child just might be the hardest of all. As any parent knows, kids have unique preferences that they are not shy about sharing. Those preference, however, are not always the most timeless or stylish.

To help you design a kids’ room that stands the test of time and also excites your kids, we have created a list of six design and decoration ideas that your kids will love.

Comfy, Magic Carpet

Kids frequently play on their hands and knees, making hardwood an uncomfortable flooring option for their bedrooms and playrooms. Protect your floors and give your kids a comfortable place to play by adding a fun carpet or rug to their room. Give them a rug they’ll really enjoy by playing off of their favourite cartoon characters or their favourite animals. Our own Sea Sailor rug has a fun exotic pattern that could fit the bill.

Decorative Cushions

Every child has a set of favourite food items they refuse to let go of. What if we tell you that their favourite sweet dish can now be a part of their decor? Look at our Doughnut-Shaped Cushion . To make sure that you are adding one fun and creative decorations to your child’s room, incorporating the ones that have a special space in their life will make the space a livelier place for them to spend their time in.

Creative Storage Spaces

The best way to get your kids to pick up their toys: make your storage art of their play area. You can do that deceptively well by adding a storage area that looks fun. For example, our Storage Bus will keep your child’s room organised, colourful, bright, and tidy.

Fun Colours

Kids love all things colourful, bright, and intense. But that doesn’t always make for the best wall colour. Once you find a fun colour that your child likes, try using it as the accent wall colour so it doesn’t overpower the whole room. If you think the colour is still too much as an accent wall, incorporate their favourite colour into their bedding, lamps, or chair.

Personal Connection

Whatever you do for their room, make sure you include your child’s favourite things, hobbies, sports, and more to incorporate into their room. After all, they’re the ones that will spend the most time in the room. For example, if your child loves playing a musical instrument, hang a guitar or two on their walls. Including their personal preferences in the design will ensure that your kids fall in love with whatever you come up with.

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