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Get your home ready with these decor ideas

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It’s the time of the decoration again. For those of you who made resolutions and broke them time and again, and for those who stood by them, a new beginning is upon us.  Some more resolutions — there is so much to look forward to.

We at The Home Talk love the smell of new beginnings. And it is our belief that each and every corner of your space should reek of positivity and happiness. That is why we bring to you some great ideas to make your home ready.

 1. Declutter your home and mind

Cleaning the messy corners of your home, and your mind, is the first thing you should be doing in order to take a fresh start to things. Decluttering ahead of time will naturally give your home (and mind) an uplifted feel. Make sure to stow away all your stuff lying in nooks and corners in utilities like foldable storage boxes and magazine stands

 2. Colours of 2018

We have already talked about the Pantone Colour of 2018 — ultra violet. Your home can get a breath of fresh air by introducing new linens, covers, wall art and furnishings. Add a touch of tones like yellow, green and blue that stand for positivity and prosperity. These colours will inspire you and set the a happier tone for the rest of the days.

 3. Flower power

 Add a bit of nature into your living, they said. This year, it should be on your memo to comply. Adding flowers and a lot of greens in your living will not only symbolise progress but also give you the mindfulness you deserve amidst this fast-paced life. And if adding natural flowers and plants inside your home is not your thing, then you can also go for this ceramic pot with artificial silicone planter to uplift your space.

 4. Bring out the good stuff

A new year deserves to open with all the extravagance and your exclusive china that you have been saving for some special occasion. It is a new start and we think that that should be a reason enough to pull out the big guns. And there is always an option to shop for some fantastic stuff to add to your collection from The Home Talk. Add a dash of elegance to your dining table with these Coconut Shell Serving Platter or give your living room the luxury it deserves with a beautiful wall painting ().

 Keep these tips in mind to welcome your guest. Do not forget to write in to us with your comments. We would love to hear how you decided to revamp your home.





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