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Arrange furniture and decor items according to the space available

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Have you ever wondered what makes for a beautiful room space? Is it the furniture placed or is it the room itself? The right answer lies in the correct positioning of furniture. There is a reason why some rooms look so appealing, while others look downright ugly despite having beautiful furniture. From making the most of the natural sunlight to create cosy spaces that encourage conversations, where you place your furniture, and the beautiful home decor items, that makes all the difference.

 Learn some simple tips that can amp up the charm of your space:

Focus is the key

Remember Joey Tribbiani from F.R.I.E.N.D.S? His mantra to decorate a living room was simple, “ You don’t own a TV? What’s all your furniture pointed at?” The idea here is to create a focal point while arranging and decorating any room. It can be anything from a window curtain , wall art

or a television set. That way your seating can be arranged around it and encourage conversations.

The right decor pieces

A coffee table, or two, placed adjacent to a sofa serves both aesthetic and functional purposes. And when the right elements like table platters made with coconut shells, placemats and artificial flower planter, etc are added to the table; then it will serve as the perfect cosy space to entertain your guests as well. Check out our November’s Elite Box for the purpose:

Consider traffic flow

Have you ever visited a relative’s home only to get caught between clustered sofas and benches with no space to walk? We strongly recommend arranging your furniture keeping in mind the space to walk freely. We also recommend that you add a rug with rich colours to give an illusion of a more free space.


Create conversation areas

Unable to talk to each other without craning and straining your necks? Well, it might be a case of wrong placement of furniture. Ensure a smooth flow of communication by creating a kind of a semi-circle with sofas and chairs.

 These tips are sure to make your home look all the more appealing, while keeping things functional. Arranging furniture is no rocket science. All it needs is smart thinking and aesthetic sense or friends like The Home Talk to guide you with the right decor according to your room.




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