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5 Best Bedroom Decor Tips

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When it comes to designing and decorating the bedrooms, the usual focal point is the curtains for the windows and the bedsheets. Window curtains and furnishing are important but having said that it is important to understand that each room of your house has a distinctive personality and that should be enhanced with stylish and well-designed décor.

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Technically, darkness induces sleep as light disrupts melatonin hormone which is responsible for regulating your sleep pattern. That is why the darker your bedroom, the better it is. But does that mean bedrooms need to be all gloomy and dark, even at the day time? Absolutely not. It is your bedroom and not a cave. There are some simple bedroom décor tips that can add brightness and light to the dreary bedroom.

Get Extra Light

Many people believe that having a lamp next to the bed can give extra light to the bedroom. But just one light in the corner can leave the larger space outside the lamp darker. Therefore, light up your bedroom with two or three sources of light.

Color It Right 

Sounds little contradictory but if your bedroom is dark, painting the walls white is not a good idea. White color might make the room look bigger but without sufficient light, white color won’t make the room look cheerful and bright. You can go for deep and cool hues of blue, green or gray to give a perfect relaxing feel to your bedroom. This is as far as the wall color is concerned, but does the same principle apply to the curtains for the windows .

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Curtains For The Window

The curtains for the windows of your bedroom should not block the natural light. Sheer curtains for windows is a good investment to bring a stylish statement thereby illuminating your bedroom with natural light.

Right Bedding & Accessories

It is extremely important to buy the correct furniture as improper furniture can disappear in the darkness and gloominess of the bedroom. These days a lot of furniture options are available online. But we suggest before you buy diwan set furniture online or any other accessory/furniture, consider the color of the accessories and furniture to give a bright effect to your bedroom.


 Mirror Mirror On The Wall

A big mirror in the bedroom helps in reflecting the light, thereby making the entire room bright and positive. If possible, hang the mirror across the window so that natural light is reflected and bounced back in the bedroom. Find and save ideas about Wall mirrors on Pinterest.

Now that we have given you easy and practical tips regarding bedroom décor starting with curtains for windows to color of the walls, unleash your creativity and give a peppy and bright look to your bedroom. Before you buy diwan set furniture or any other accessory for your bedroom, explore The Home Talk for more ideas and inspiration.




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