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  • Brand – Concord
  • Capacity- 2.8 Liter
  • Colour- Black
  • Material- Plastic
  • Dimension- 26L X 26B X 32H Cm
  • Operating Mode – Digital
  • Package Content Include Air Fryer, User Manual, Recipe Booklet

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Digital Touch Screen Air Fryer It’s Benefits and Features In today’s hectic world, it is essential to opt for a healthier diet to stay fit. However, for those who love to eat fried food it is difficult to simply curb their cravings.

Therefore, opting for an Air Fryer is a better, economical and healthier option for preparing fried food. What is an air fryer By utilizing superheated air, this appliance is capable of preparing fried food with less oil which means that it is now possible to get the fatty and delicious taste of fried food without the actual fat that is usually present when such fried food is cooked in deep fryers.

Although initially expensive, an Air Fryer is an important piece of equipment in the kitchen as it not only produces healthy food but it also cuts down on the preparation time, the cooking time and eventually the cleaning time as well. It is quite obvious that cleaning is an important part of cooking and it does take up a lot of additional time when it comes to cleaning the conventional deep frying equipment.

Cleaning an Air Fryer is much simpler and is not at all complicated, since most Air Fryers are dishwasher friendly. Apart from frying food, there are other functions available in an Air Fryer. Although typically an Air Fryer is used for frying food with very little or no oil at all, other functions like baking and grilling are also possible with the help of an Air Fryer.

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